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You’re in a scary space. When you had kids, you never thought you’d have to start over, navigate a high-conflict divorce and try to figure out how you’ll safely co-parent with a toxic person.

You figured out something was very wrong in your marriage and did something about it. Now you’re into totally unchartered territory as you survive your high-conflict divorce. You’ve been treading water, keeping you and your kids afloat because you’re smart, capable and determined.

But you could use some help … help finding and working with the right legal professionals, help preparing for meetings, mediations and court dates, help documenting and gathering information, help learning how to communicate with a toxic co-parent, help building a co-parenting strategy to keep you and your kids safe, help prioritizing your health.

As a certified coach, domestic abuse survivor, divorcee and mom with a background in health and fitness, I am uniquely qualified to help women like you understand and navigate their high-conflict divorce so they can create a healthy & safe future for them and their kids.

You knew divorce was right for you and your kids, but you never thought it would be this hard. You want more peace, safety and stability but figuring out the best way to get it in the face of post-separation abuse can be tricky. I can walk beside you while you pave the way to your new life one stone at a time.

I got you. That’s why I created Healthy Mom After Divorce.
Together, here is where we will go:

Your Mindset

You’ll learn how to radically accept the realities of high-conflict divorce

You'll practice managing your expectations around divorce, co-parenting and the family court system

You’ll explore your triggers and how best to structure co-parenting to protect your peace

The Divorce Process

You’ll learn about the divorce process & decide what legal professionals will work best for you

You’ll prepare for meetings with your lawyer, mediators, evaluators & court appearances

You’ll implement an effective documentation strategy to stay organized and prepared

Conflict & Co-Parenting

You’ll practice communicating with your co-parent in effective and child-focused ways

You'll learn how to establish and maintain healthy co-parenting and communication boundaries

You’ll figure out what you need in your parenting agreement in order to best serve your family

Your Health

You’ll decide how best to look after your body and mind in ways that fit into your busy schedule

You'll explore what you need in order to look after your mental health, protect your peace and heal

You’ll get clear what your body needs to be your kids' calm, safe and healthy parent

Client Love

Sheryl is an amazing coach, and I have been so grateful for her help, support, and advice. She has taken the 'guesswork' out of what to do and how to respond in so many circumstances and communications. Sheryl has helped to guide me during my difficult, high-conflict divorce, and given me the confidence and ability to handle the many stressful situations that come with it.

It has been invaluable to have someone who has been through similar experiences, who can share strategies and what works. Sheryl has a genuine care and talent to coach others in these new challenges. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Sheryl to anyone who is experiencing a separation or divorce.

Brittany C.

Sheryl has immeasurable insight and compassion. Our work together has brought me new perspective, power, and an ability to focus on what matters most (my child and myself!).

I feel much more equipped to handle whatever comes next and I only wish I had found Sheryl sooner and gained this perspective earlier in the process.

Anna B.

I know you’ve been through a lot and you have lots more to go, but maybe I can help.

I want to hear your story, what’s keeping you up at night and how I can help you and your kids find some peace and stability.

Please share a bit about yourself in the questionnaire below, then I’ll be in touch to schedule a complimentary 45-minute Discovery Call.

I want you to know that everything you send me is kept in the strictest of confidence. Your safety and your kids’ safety is my top priority. If you are at all concerned about your privacy and online security, please feel free to have someone complete the form on your behalf.

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