Meet Sheryl

As a mom who found a way to leave an abusive marriage, you are at a crossroads. You’re now facing a high-conflict divorce and likely years of post-separation abuse. I know it sounds scary, but you can do this. You have a unique opportunity to rediscover who you are, be the mom you want to be and show your kids what being safe and healthy is all about. 

A mom’s life and its typical demands are heavy enough, but add in a high-conflict co-parent and post-separation abuse, healing and moving forward feels like an insurmountable task. That’s where I come in.

As a certified high-conflict divorce coach, divorced mom and domestic abuse survivor with over 16 years of combined experience in both the health & fitness and legal industries, I have been there and I stand with you.

I can help you sift through the noise and the chaos to figure out what’s most important to you so you can communicate and work with legal professionals, co-parent with someone who seems to want nothing but conflict and move on with your life with a sense of peace and security in your heart and your home.

Being a divorced mom and domestic abuse survivor are my superpowers. And helping women focus on what matters most and build safe, happy homes for them and their kids is my passion.

And you can be too.

I created Healthy Mom After Divorce to help moms like you understand and navigate their high-conflict divorce so they can create a healthy & safe future for them and their kids.

You’ve had some awful days, but you’ve survived them all. You should be so proud of the steps you’ve already taken to keep you and your kids healthy and safe.

Your next steps won’t be easy but you can do this, and I’m here to help. Let’s figure out how you will work with the right professionals, communicate with your co-parent, keep you and your kids safe while prioritizing your physical and mental health.

You’re in the right place and I’m ready when you are.

Certified High Conflict Divorce

Sheryl is a 2023 graduate of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program. This eight-week, intensive course focuses on the difficult dynamics of high-conflict divorce and child custody battles. Our program focuses on the intricacies of post separation abuse and our coaches are trained that it only takes one toxic, abusive or personality disordered individual to create a high-conflict situation.

Sheryl will be an amazing resource and advocate for those attempting to navigate the family court system. It was an honor to have Sheryl in our program and I look forward to cheering her on in her advocacy work

Tina Swithin
CEO/Founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach

Sheryl’s Professional Background and Education

High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification from One Mom's Battle

Coach Training Certification from Coach Training Alliance (CTA), an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized program

Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Human Kinetics from University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

Certificate in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada

When Sheryl is not helping moms empower themselves, she spends time with her family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She loves to exercise, read, do crossword puzzles and enjoy the beautiful West Coast lifestyle.